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Purchase Tenancy Agreement

Purchase a Lodgers Agreement

To be used if you the owner of the property, resides there and renting a room out whilst doing so

Purchase An Assured Tenancy Agreement

This is to be used where there is no more than 2 people renting the property and they agree to joint responsibility to executing the terms of the tenancy. Ideal for couples, or 2 good friends, work colleagues. Note that if the rent is in arrears or breach in the tenancy terms both of you will be evicted regardless of which one of you is at fault

Purchase a flatsharers agreement where you are not on the official tenancy agreement

This is to be used if you are moving into a shared house, but you aren’t on the official tenancy? Wouldn’t a written agreement be better than a handshake? Do you want to cover key things like rent, bond, notice periods and house rules?

Purchase this flat sharers agreement if you are on the official tenancy agreement

Are you in a shared house where you are all on the official tenancy? Do you want to agree on splitting bills, house rules and what happens when somebody leaves a house Make sharing easier by setting the guidelines upfront.

Letting the Property as individual rooms to a person
  • Each Tenant has exclusive use of the part of the premises defined within the AST such as "Room 1".
  • The Tenants can ONLY exclude you from entering their room but not common areas for this, if applied, could be deemed as interfering with the duties of an HMO manager.
  • NOT common for you to be excluded from the premises as they only have 'non exclusive use of common areas'
  • No EPC is required.
Letting the Property as a House Share - One Agreement
  • The Tenants as a collective have exclusive control over the whole of the property and are within their rights to exclude the Landlord from the premises.
  • In the event of a dispute the Landlord would commence action against them as a collective/all tenants [not selective], would have to be named on any Notices or court proceedings.
  • With the house being under the exclusive control of the Tenants as a collective, they are liable for all utility bills and council tax.
  • An EPC is required

Before you rent to ANY applicant, be sure you have reviewed his of her credit history.

If they can't pay others promptly, it is a good bet they will not pay you.

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