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Terms & Conditions

This document outlines the Terms and Conditions that govern your use of the web site (, otherwise known as we or us) and the relationship between you and us. Please read these terms and conditions thoroughly before registering with as these affect your legal rights and liabilities.  
1. Use of for Registered Users 
Registered users may use this site free of charge for their personal or business use, subject to these Terms and Conditions. 
By using the web site, you agree to be bound to these Terms and Conditions.  
2. Amendments 
From time to time we may amend these Terms and Conditions. Should you not wish to continue using our service for registered members, you should notice us by email. 
Should you continue using the service for registered members after we have made any amendment to our Terms and Conditions, this will indicate that you agree to be bound to any new Terms and Conditions that come into force.  
3. Registration with 
Applicants must be eighteen years of age or older. will not allow applicants under the age of eighteen to register with Given the nature of our business and the links with may make with other Agencies or Authorities, you must ensure that the details provided upon registration or at any other time while you remain registered are accurate and correct. Furthermore, you must inform us immediately of any changes to the information that you provide us while registered by updating your personal details.  You may change your personal details by navigating to My Account.  
4. Password and Security 
When registering with, you will be required to create a password which you agree to keep confidential and not to share it or disclose it to anyone. You are responsible for all orders, payments and activity carried out on when submitted using your password. Should you suspect that someone else knows your password, please notify us immediately by using the contact us link.  
5. Limitation of liability 
Order acceptance for our services occurs upon receiving payment confirmation in the case of Credit Card Payment. shall not be liable to any of its customers for any financial loss arising from the data it provides.  
Where Tenants or Landlords fail to keep information up to date regarding a Candidate's or Property availability, shall not be liable to any business processes are structured to discourage prospective Landlords and Tenants from advertising out of date information. shall not be liable to any loss which arises from the information it provides to prospective Landlords and Tenants. This includes information provided by 3rd party suppliers. shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the unavailability of its site on the Internet, for whatever cause, including but not excluded to sabotage, intrusion, faults arising by network unavailability or equipment failure. 
6. Excluded Services and User Experience 
The free service provided by excludes the terminal equipment to access our Site. To use you will require the necessary computer equipment, Internet browsing software provided by leading vendors and connection to the Internet. Your user experience of the site may be significantly impaired when accessing the site through dial-up connection. recommends the use of Broadband Internet connection to maximise user experience. not be liable for any loss or damage caused by poor network performance at any layer of the network between the Customer and servers. 
7. Intellectual Property 
The content provided by is protected by Copyright Law and intellectual property rights. You may retrieve and store data either on a screen, disk or storage device or in printed format, with the exclusion of storage in a server or mass storage device used to query such data. You must ensure that you keep intact any intellectual property information such as logos, copyright marks etc. when storing the data. This includes the logos, and trademarks of any other data. 
8. Limitations may solely be used for the following purposes: 
-Advertising a Property to let or sub-let to an Individual or Group of Individuals. In the case of a sub-let, requires the Lessee to obtain permission from the Landlord to sub-let the property or to include further individual(s) to the Lease. 
-Advertising one's profile for the purpose of  renting as a sole Individual or Group of Individuals which may include the Landlord (in the case of shared accommodation). takes no part in any agreement or future contact between users.  
-Using the services provides to obtain 3rd party references offers etc. 
You may not use the site for the following purposes: 
-You may not post any contact details in your Advertisements. reserves the right to automatically delete any contact details from its listings. 
-Disseminating obscene or pornographic material, harassing, threatening, libellous, abusive, harmful, vulgar language or objectionable material. 
-Transmitting information that incites or is intended to encourage conduct which constitutes a criminal offence or in breach of any code of practice, regulation or rule of law. 
-Impersonating, cloning, or using some one else's identity (Identity Theft) with or without the intent to deceive. takes appropriate steps to disclose such activity to the relevant Authorities if it suspects any such activity through the use of its web site. 
-You agree to provide us indemnity against any loss, liability, cost or expense which we have reasonably incurred, all damages awarded to us by a court and all settlement sums paid by us as a result of any settlement agreed by us related to: - claims by third parties that you used to disseminate obscene or pornographic material, harassing, threatening, libellous, abusive, harmful, vulgar language, or is in breach of Law, or illegal. Claims by third parties, that you have published any material that infringes their Copyright or intellectual property.  
9. Availability of the site is committed to providing the best possible availability and response time in the event of systems or network failure. However, we cannot guarantee that the use of meets your requirements. We cannot guarantee that the service is fault free for the Internet Browser you are using, or that our servers' software is fault-free. If a fault occurs, please contact  and we will attempt to fix the fault as soon as we can. From time to time access may be restricted to allow for upgrades, maintenance, repair or change of facilities. We will attempt to repair the service as soon as we can. Our target is to provide our visitors with the best product and service. If we do not meet this target, we shall not be liable for any liability, loss or damage as a result of not meeting our target uptime. 
10. Our right to cancel your ads or registration 
We reserve the right to cancel your ads, listing or subscription at our discretion at any time. 
11. Our Liability 
The web site is provided as is, without any guarantee or warranty. Any risk related to the use of the Internet is borne by users irrespective of whether they are registered members of We cannot be held responsible for any technical fault or problem arising from the use of this site, whether it is manifested on the client machine/browser or on our servers. Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible for the quality of the information provided by 3rd parties such as banners, pop-ups and any types of advertisement. Including those created in our system. We remain committed to high quality information but cannot accept any responsibility if this is not the case. We disclaim liability for the following or similar circumstances in particular. Any of your equipment including terminal hardware, pc desktop, laptop or other communication equipment used to access
We shall not be liable and you agree that we shall not be liable to you or any other 3rd party for any incidental or consequential damage, including loss of revenue, loss of profit, loss of saving, loss of privacy or loss of data or any other loss whatsoever related to the use of  
12. Third Party Websites and Search Engines markets its services by providing links to its site from 3rd party search engines and web sites. is not responsible for the content of the sites where the links originates nor is it able to control where the links are posted and the type of material they are associated with.   

13. All landlords that purchase a subscription or purchase a lead agree to the Good Management Code of Practice Good Management Code of Practice 

Signing up to this code provides supporting evidence that the proposed landlord  will have satisfactory management arrangements in place for the property.


The landlord agrees to conduct business with regard to the property and the tenancy in a courteous, reasonable and equitable manner and to answer promptly queries and issues raised by the tenant.


The landlord agrees to ensure that an inventory is signed by both parties at the beginning of the tenancy (or as soon as practicable afterwards) and to give the tenant the opportunity both to carry out a joint inventory inspection at the outset and to discuss the inventory at the end of the tenancy.


The landlord agrees to withhold any deposit only for the purpose for which it was levied, to return deposits as soon as possible after the end of a tenancy (in any event within 4 weeks) and to provide written details and receipts for any deductions which may be made. The landlord agrees to hold deposits in accordance with an authorised Tenancy Deposit Scheme once this legislation is introduced.

Repairs and maintenance

The landlord agrees to carry out repairs within a time period appropriate to the severity of the problem, keeping as far as is practicable to the guide timescales given beow. The landlord agrees to uphold as far as practicable all undertakings given on work to be completed prior to the tenant moving in, to consult the tenant when planning other major maintenance work during the tenancy and to give reasonable notice (except in emergencies) and details of any work, servicing or testing to be carried out. The landlord agrees to set up effective monitoring arrangements to check the condition of the building and installations.

Landlord’s access to property and other statutory requirements

The landlord agrees to comply with all statutory obligations under housing and landlord & tenant legislation, associated regulations, Codes of Practice and British Standards including the legal requirement to gain access to the property (for inspection, repairs, monitoring or other reasons) only by prior arrangement with the tenant and having given 24 hours notice (except in emergencies).


The landlord agrees to take reasonable steps to minimise any nuisance, alarm, harassment or distress that may be caused to neighbours by the way the property is used. The landlord agrees to offer occupiers of the immediately neighbouring properties a contact telephone number, address or e-mail address to report any problems, to ensure that “To Let” or “Let” boards are not left up as long-term advertising features, to keep the external appearance of the property in a reasonable condition and to make reasonable arrangements for the storage and disposal of refuse.

Guide to repair timescales once a fault has been reported  

Emergency repairs - 24 hours (Affecting health or safety e.g. major electrical fault, blocked WC). 
Urgent repairs - 5 working days(Affecting material comfort e.g. hot water,  
heating or fridge failure, serious roof leak).  
Other non-urgent repairs - 20 working days