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Our Mission

Our main objective is to improve direct communication links with landlords and tenants making it the main way tenants find a place to rent, at the same time providing renting opportunities from reputable letting agents. We have also created a platform for useful & valuable landlord/tenant information, products and services. Have a look at our two classified sections.

1. "The Marketplace" provides a great platform for builders, tradesmen, plumbers, solicitors, tenant reference agents, estate agents property professionals advertise on. It costs from only £5.99 to place an advert.

2. "The Corner shop" provides a wonderful opportunity for service provides, job recruiters, and sellers to connect with the general public. Prices start at £5.99.

Our Founding Principle

We were founded on the firm belief that the UK residential market has sucked for many years and needs a new friendly, honest and cost effective approach. We know that there are a few bad tenants and bad landlords, but the majority of people be tenant or landlord is decent. They all seem to be firmly pointing the finger of blame, the majority of complaints and anger at the estate agent. We have come across many nightmare estate agent and tenant stories from those that go bust, tenants that disappear, donít pay their rent, agents that withhold tenantsí deposits, landlords not getting rent, slum landlords, exorbitant fees, the list goes on. RentDirectUK wants to change all of that and create a great medium where decent tenants, landlords & reputable letting agents can meet and do business together.

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