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What is an Inventory report?

Avoid disputes at the end by having property inventory report

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What is a schedule of conditions?

Welcome to rentdirectuk Inventory Services

We offer a highly professional, thorough service to landlords, tenants and letting agents who require inventory reports, Interim inspections and property management. This service is to be used by those willing to visit the property and take photographs. It is the best DIY inventory service. Our innovative online inventory service means that with our simple instructions and guidance notes you can upload photographs and video evidence. We stamp date and sign all photographs. The report consists of Checkin and check out. At check out you can log back into your account and complete the checkin Once the report is completed you are required to send a copy to them to review, and sign a copy of the report making it legally binding.

Our online service is easy to use with guaranteed turnaround of 2 hours. Because of our innovative approach our rates are very competitive

The onus is on youthe landlord to prove the tenant damage, not on the tenant to prove that they didn't damage the property or remove anything from it.

Landlords/ Tenants renting a whole house

Protect ypur property by taking a Deposit BUT most importantlyhave proof of any damage caused during the tenancy. Tenants where the landlord has not provided you with an inventory report, prepare one and hand one over to them.
Tenant having an inventoy can help protect your credit rating.


Lodgers/ Flatshares/ Landlords of Rented rooms

Landlords of room rented out protect your property from damage.
Lodgers Flatshares

Protect your credit history & don't get robbed by landlords or letting agents trying to claim for damage not caused by you during the tenancy.

Where the landlord or letting agent has not provided an inventory prepare one and send to the landlord/letting agents. Not only will you have the proof to dispute any unwarranted claims against your deposit but It could very well save you a lot of money at the end of the tenancy.

read more about how it can affect you credit rating AND how to protect your credit score…….. £29.99

Avoid disputes at the end of the tenancy buying doing an inventory report

we make it easy to prepare one online..