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What is included in a fully furnished rental property?

There are no specific rules or laws as to what fully furnished "means" but a tenant's expectation and the reality can vary greatly in different areas of the country and even within different niche sectors within the local markets.

Normally, a property offered as "fully furnished" would come with all the main fixtures, furnishings and fittings, white goods (cooker, fridge freezer, washing machine) etc., plus the standard crockery, cutlery, glassware, pots and pans etc., that a reasonable tenant would normally use on a day to day basis, this might also include a vacuum cleaner and iron.

An "unfurnished" property would normally be provided only with such basics as carpets, light fittings and may include a cooker. Now, can imagine the number of variations between these two extremes of what might be included? Therefore as a tenant you must make sure that everyone clearly understands what main items are, or are not, included before finalising the tenancy agreement.

It is also a possibility to ask the agent or landlord for any extra items you might need BEFORE you agree to go ahead with the let. Remember, if you are asking for something such as a washing machine or something like this, and it's the difference between you renting the property and not renting it, more likely than not you'll get your way.

If you don't ask you dont get!

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