Building Work On Rented Property, What are my Rights??

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Building Work On Rented Property, What are my Rights??

Postby Lucy Ambash » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:15 pm

I'd like some points of view on this:

The conservatory of our [rented] house was always a bit rotten and leaky, we complained about it and the landlords said that to fix the problems they'd have to completely knock it down and rebuild it. we responded with "ok then, we'll just put up with it". They then said that they had time over the summer and would knock it down and rebuild it then (the landlord is a retired engineer and is doing it himself, which for a project of this size is legal). He's now been doing the work for around 1.5 months. The thing is that he never tells us when he's coming round, tends to start drilling and hammering anywhere between 8 and 9am (sometimes at weeekends too), has turned off the power to the shed meaning we no longer have a freezer or tumbledrier, moved the furniture from the conservatory into the (small) sitting room such that its ridiculously cramped, and has left building materials all over the garden and in the shed, limiting our access to both. His response to our raising these issues as "disruptive" to our lives has been met with "you knew this was going to happen a couple of months in advance, and we offered you the option of putting the freezer in the sitting room so that you could still have access to it", but of course the sitting room would have become pretty much unusable with the freezer in there as well.

so...what are my rights here? I want to ask for a rent rebate for the duration of the building work - is that reasonable? if so, does anyone else have experience of this and an idea about how much of a rebate would be reasonable..?
Lucy Ambash

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