Rent ‘eats up a shockingly high proportion of people’s wages

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Rent ‘eats up a shockingly high proportion of people’s wages

Postby Dolphin » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:36 am

Tenants are spending an increasing proportion of their earnings on rent, new figures have revealed.

Fresh research undertaken by rentals platform CreditLadder shows that it takes the average person in full-time employment 11 days each month to earn enough money to pay their rent out of their net salary.

It takes an additional two and a half days each month to pay for basics, such as food, transport and energy bills, on top of the rent according to the online platform, which enables tenants to make their rent count towards their credit score.

In Gloucester it takes 13 days, or two days more than the average, to pay the rent, while in Brighton & Hove, Peterborough and Reading, it takes 12 days to pay the rent.

In contrast, it takes just six days to be rent free in Derby, while in Leeds it takes tenants seven days on average to pay off the rent, followed by Bolton, Belfast, Coventry, Doncaster, Manchester, Newcastle and Wolverhampton at eight days.

“It’s clear that rent eats up a shockingly high proportion of people’s wages even though for many renting privately it is the only option,” said Sheraz Dar, CEO of

“Our research also highlights the big differences in rental affordability up and down the nation which can vary at its most extreme by up to seven days,” Dar added.
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