Thinking of renting? Advice for prospective tenants

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Thinking of renting? Advice for prospective tenants

Postby Admin » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:48 pm

As a tenant, I want to rent. What should I ask? What fees do I pay to the Agent?

You should not pay introductory fees, however there are certain costs for you to cover for the taking up of references, and preparation of tenancy agreement and inventory.

What references are required?

You will require details of your bank / building society, confirmation from your employer of your salary and length of employment and previous landlord. We also carry out full credit checks on each tenant.

How long will it take?

You should allow up to 14 days to confirm references, prepare the inventory and tenancy agreement and to transfer the utilities.

How much money will be required before moving in?

In addition to the administration charges noted above we require a calendar month's rent in advance together with a security deposit equal to the rent plus £100.00. An additional amount may be required if pets have been allowed.

How do I pay the rent?

At the time of signing the tenancy agreement you will complete a standing order mandate to start paying from month two. We set this up to leave your bank three days before the due date to ensure it reaches the landlord on the due date.

What are my responsibilities when the tenancy commences?

These will be clearly set out in the tenancy agreement. You should always thoroughly read this before you sign. If in doubt ask us and we will explain, we believe we have a professional duty to offer correct advice.

What tenancy agreement do I sign?

Your agreement will be an Assured Shorthold tenancy under the Housing Act as amended in 1996. This is a

legally binding document between you and the landlord stating the address of the property, rent payable, length of the tenancy and your rights and responsibilities. The tenancy will normally be for a minimum period of six months.

Can I stay on at the end of a tenancy?

Your landlord has three options..

Option one is to draw up a new contract for a further fixed period.

Option two is to continue with the existing contract on a statutory periodic basis. This will run indefinitely until either party gives notice. As tenant you have to give a minimum of one month notice.

Option three is to bring the tenancy to an end. The landlord always has to give at least two months written notice to terminate a tenancy.

Can I leave early?

You are legally bound for the rent and payment of utilities until the end of a tenancy.

What do I do at the end of a tenancy?

You must ensure you fulfil your obligations as set out in the tenancy agreement leaving the property

in the same condition as it was at the start. Or deductions will be made from your deposit. Always make sure the property is thoroughly cleaned, including appliances, gardens are cut and free from weeds. If you have moved furniture replace it to where you found it at the time of the inventory.

How do I get my deposit back?

After the final inspection, provided there are no missing items or damage, your deposit will be returned on proof all utility bills have been settled.

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