Landlord Hasnt Registered Deposits

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Landlord Hasnt Registered Deposits

Postby Sam » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:19 pm

Hello all,
Just need some advice regarding the tenancy deposit scheme if possible.
I live with 5 of my friends in a student house. We all paid a £200 deposit each on the house on agreeing our assured shorthold tenancy on April 30th 2010. We moved in on July 5th 2010 and we still havent recieved any confirmation from the
tenancy deposit schemes to say our deposits are protected. As you can see from my one other post my landlord is not the most reasonable person in the world and we have had many run ins with him.
I just want to know whether we can sue him in July if he still hasnt registered the deposits and whether or not we can get our deposits back. I know we were supposed to get confirmation 14 days after we paid the deposits but we ve rang the three protection companies and they have confirmed our money is not in the scheme. Surely hes broken Housing Law by not doing this?
Many thanks in advance for any help! :

Re: Landlord Hasnt Registered Deposits

Postby Eric » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:21 pm

Dont think you have to wait till july. You may apply to court to either get your deposit back or to put the same in one of the prescribed schemes. Believe, you can also claim compensation up to 3 times of the deposit (need to check). As you said, there could only be one winner...

Re: Landlord Hasnt Registered Deposits

Postby Molly » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:22 pm

There are 3 schemes he could have registered it with, within 14 days of him receiving it from you. You need to ask him a straight question - which one is it? You can then check with the scheme itself to ensure it is registered.

If he hasn't registered it, a county court will automatically award you 3 times the value of the deposit - this is a mandatory award. You will get it irrespective of any other issues that have done wrong during the tenancy - the judge won't be interested in these and will want them dealt with separately.

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