Who do I complain to,please

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Who do I complain to,please

Postby Floss » Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:17 pm

I ended an assured shorthold tenancy early with my landlord's agreement on 6th of July, but am being held responsible for the rent and any damage that might have occured despite the agent asking for my key back, so denying me access (!) up to and including the 29th of July. My landlord entered the property without my knowledge and removed my bedding and dumped it in the agent's office last week (NO idea why! as I'd agreed to collect it at a time to suit her) Also, the agent entered the property without informing me to do an inventory and I would have liked to have been present at that in case anything was amiss. I feel if I was the paying tenant, then both landlord and agent broke the law by not informing me of their intentions ,plus removing my personal belongings without telling me, and I thought I'd complain about their behaviour, but I am not sure who to contact about this. Can anyone help me, or is it best to let them get away with treating a tenant so badly? Thank you. Floss

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