Tenancy Agreement - But Named Landlord Doesn't Own Property

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Tenancy Agreement - But Named Landlord Doesn't Own Property

Postby Silvia Jenson » Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:05 pm

Hi I hope some on can help me here because i appear to have been swindled.

I have recently entered into a tenancy agreement via a letting agent and having paid 2 month deposit and a months rent upfront i have discovered that the named landlord does not own or is currently letting the said property. Fortunately i have not moved in. But the letting agent appears to be dis-interested in recovering the monies and seems to think that i should take part of the loss incurred. Even though the receipt stipulates that in event of the landlord declining the tenancy it will be refunded.

My take on it is that they have been duped and all monies should be refunded, but i aren't sure where i stand as the named landord granted the tenancy, whether they own it or not.

Can anyone help enlighten me or provide suitable advice???
Silvia Jenson

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