Renting without viewing

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Renting without viewing

Postby Nicole » Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:55 pm

Hi everyone. I'm abroad at the moment and moving back to the UK at the end of August to start a new job. I'm from Scotland and I'm moving to the south of England. Unfortunately, I'll only have a week to move from Scotland to England so I'm trying to get a flat sorted out from overseas. I've spoken to a few letting agencies and they all say it's too early to start looking (it is, but I'm on some mailing lists just to see what kind of things are available). However, 1 agency has told me that they absolutely won't rent to me without me viewing a property first. This is totally impossible since I'm thousands of miles away. I'm a professional and my employer can provide a reference, and my credit check and previous landlord references won't be a problem. I don't know anyone in that area that could view on my behalf and I don't really want to spend hundreds of pounds sticking my elderly mother on a plane from Scotland to go and look at some flat for 5 minutes. Does anyone have any advice? Am I likely to be able to rent a flat from the other side of the world without viewing it first? Is this common practice for letting agencies nowadays?


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