My flatmate is so rude to me! help!?

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My flatmate is so rude to me! help!?

Postby Lucy B » Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:43 am

Hi, I am living in a house with another student.. we share the kitchen and the toilet. She keeps using all my stuff and off late it has become annoying and I confronted her.. (about using a whole bottle of my olive oil!..and my bread..)for the first few times she admitted to using it. I said i don't mind it as long as she tells me she has used it. Last week I bought a six ack beer.. I know I drank only 2 (very sure! cuz it's been 2 days..and I didn't

drink more than 2.. ) and the fridge is now empty!.. And when I asked her this morning, she was very rude to me and said.. NO! and I asked her why she was being so rude.. all she said was "I am irritated.. I am just irritated" and

started saying nasty words loudly.. It really hurt me.. I didn't accuse her of stealing.. Just asked if she saw anymore beer cans in the fridge!.. and I even said.. "oh well.. I don't remember then.." and later she went out and bought 4

cans of beer (the one that I bought) and kept it in the fridge!.. She hasn't spokent to me and seen me since .. so I am not sure what she's trying to do. (she says she only buys bottled beer..and now she has bought cans.. I assume its

for me..but I am not touching it).. why all this drama? why is she rude to me?
Lucy B

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