Ever thought of moving to Sheffield?

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Ever thought of moving to Sheffield?

Postby Mr Sheffield » Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:08 pm

Cost of living facts

Sheffield and the surrounding region offers one of the best value environments to live in, meaning your income goes further and offers you a higher standard of living than many other parts of the country.

Housing remains competitively priced locally, and the general cost of living is one of the lowest in the UK at just 90per cent of national average, and fully one-quarter lower than the cost of living in London

Situated in the heart of England, Sheffield presents itself as an ideal location for living and working. Getting to the city from anywhere in the world is simple. With Sheffield lying at the centre of a network of six airports and two seaports, getting around is convenient and uncomplicated. And with road and rail networks on the doorstep, travelling and exploring the rest of the UK is easy.

Travelling times to major UK destinations

Destination Road rail

Birmingham 1hr 30m 1hr 10m

Blackpool 2hr 04m 2hr 26m

Bristol 2hr 30m 3hr 10m

Cambridge 2hr 20m 2hr 50m

Edinburgh 4hr 30m 3hr 20m

Harrogate 1hr 13m 1hr 42m

Leeds 0hr 40m 0hr 40m

Liverpool 1hr 30m 1hr 40m

London 3hr 00m 2hr 00m

Manchester 1hr 00m 0hr 50m

Newcastle 2hr 10m 1hr 55m

Nottingham 0hr40m 0hr45m

Oxford 2hr 40m 2hr 30m

Stratford-Upon-Avon 2hr 10m 2hr 28m

York 1hr 13m 0hr 46m

All figures are approximate for optimal travel conditions, and shortest routes/travel times from/to Sheffield

Things to do

As well as enjoying plenty of traditional pubs, trendy bars, world class clubs, exceedingly good restaurants and fashionable shops, you can take a stroll though the stunning Peace Gardens, the Winter Garden and the Millennium Galleries. And with our theatre complex centred around Tudor Square in the Heart of the City, you’ll have a choice of enjoying drama, music or dance including many well acclaimed plays and productions.

You’ll also find it hard to resist the many city centre events that run throughout the year such as Fright Night on October 31st, the beach that appears in the Peace Gardens during the August (yes really!) or wander through the Continental Markets and Farmers Markets that are held at different times throughout the year.

Supertram, bus or rail links take you to the rest of the city and beyond. Jump onto Supertram and in just a few minutes you can get to Meadowhall, a huge covered, shopping mall, Centertainment - home to a multi screen cinema complex, bowling and several diner style restaurants, or the huge Hallam FM Arena which hosts pop concerts, sporting events and many other world class events.

Alternatively catch the bus or train and in a few minutes you can be rambling or cycling across the Peak District, enjoying a pint in a country pub or visiting some of the most amazing country houses including Chatsworth House near Baslow or places like Bakewell, home to the famous Bakewell Pudding.

Swim, ski, skate, run, compete alone or in a team or simply enjoy watching? – its sport, sport, sport in Sheffield, the UK’s First National City of Sport and boasting world class sporting facilities at every turn.

Labour profile

Total employee jobs 255,700

Full-time 168,000 65.7%

Part-time 87,700 34.3%

Manufacturing 31,800 12.4%

Construction 8,500 3.3%

Services 214,900 84.1%

Distribution, hotels & restaurants 58,800 23.0%

Transport & communications 14,200 5.5%

Finance, IT, other business activities 51,800 20.2%

Public admin, education & health 77,500 30.3%

Other services 12,700 5.0%

Tourism-related 18,400 7.2%
Mr Sheffield

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