The Best and Worst Places to Stash Cash in Your Home

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The Best and Worst Places to Stash Cash in Your Home

Postby sara206 » Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:02 pm

The current economy has many people considering a simpler method of financial security — cold, hard cash. And while we all agree that a buck has value, it is also a bit vulnerable when not hidden properly. Forget the £100 hi-tech

safe,and stick with these affordable tricks I picked up. You’ll never guess which way I’m using to hide my money!

Tampon Box

I’m not kidding. ,and I was instantly intrigued. By leaving a little “product” in the box for authenticity, and taping a wad of cash to the inside, you can be sure a robber won’t think to look in there. (Ladies can be certain that a husband or

boyfriend won’t find it, either.)

Fake Drain Pipe

This one involves a little more handiwork. By adding a false drain pipe underneath your kitchen sink, you can place a pipe full of money where no one can see. (Just make sure your cash is stored in a waterproof container or baggie, in

case an unknowing person tries to use the drain!)

Your Back GardenDigging

holes and hiding money is an age-old practice. The key is to remember where you put the cash and keeping it safe from the elements. Most experts recommend using some kind of PVC piping to keep dirt away from the stash, and to

discourage the ground from caving in. This will also prevent a pesky underground burrowing creature from discovering your secret. (Be sure to bury deep, and don’t forget where you hid it!)

Air Vent

An air vent can be used to conceal stash your valuables in. If you use your imagination, you could probably rig one up without the directions.

Frozen food

Several people already keep their credit cards on ice, but what about cash? I wouldn’t put your bling in a packet of frozen chips, but if you have some aging frozen haggis or a box of fish fingers you’re not overly attached to, you can

use it as a covert hiding place for a wad of twenties.

Tennis ball

I like this idea of cutting open a tennis ball, stashing your valuables inside, and then placing the ball back between two others in their original tube container. Just make sure that the goods don’t rattle when you shake them.

(You can stuff some tissue paper in with jewellery or coins to hide their sound.)

Electrical Socket

Please don’t take this to mean a “real” socket. You can use a method similar to the return-air vent technique to create your own wall cubby that most smart burglars won’t attempt to touch. You can also skip the work of the DIY method,

and one from the major DIY stores.

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